Urban gardening needs much planning in fakerolexwatches.com order to enjoy lavish greenery in a limited space. If you would like to design an apartment garden, try to maximize your vertical space to create a lush retreat in your balcony. The tower garden is perfect for small apartments and needs very few Garden Accessories to put together. It is extremely easy to do and looks uniquely attractive. All you will need are a few basic supplies and a single trip to the garden center.
One of the first things you will need for a tower garden is a series of pots in decreasing order of size. As they will be nested inside each other, it is advisable to choose Garden Planters that are the same shape. Stackable garden planters are a good choice or you can mix and match. A large cylinder planter can act as the base and a slightly smaller one as the second tier, ending with a strawberry planter at the top level. Be creative with the garden planters for a tower garden that's one-of-a-kind and well-suited to the imitation watches space you have available. When selecting the pots, make sure that there is enough space between the rim of the pot beneath and the bottom of the pot above as this is your planting space.
Start by keeping the bottom pot in the space where you wish to place the tower as it will be difficult to move it when it's done. Use some bricks to provide a steady base for the tower. Build a column of bricks from the bottom of the base pot about two inches high and then fill the space around the bricks with soil for support. Another way to provide support for the tower is to lean it against a wall or an arbor. If the pots are very small, use pebbles instead of bricks. You can also position the smaller pots on the top rolex fukes at slightly titled angles to create visual interest.
Now you can start planting so select garden accessories like seeds, garden misters and planting tools. If you're planting with a theme - culinary herbs or a flower tower - garden accessories like wooden garden stakes can help you keep track of your plants. Experiment with the look; you can plant flowers of a single color on each tier or select succulents of different types for a contemporary landscape.
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